Direct Mail Marketing Services in India

Direct mail is one of the most common forms of direct marketing in use today. Marketers have been using direct mail marketing for decades to get their message across as it is a proven, versatile and measurable marketing channel, in short, it works. Direct mail can be a powerful addition to your overall marketing program. However, it requires quite a bit of research and planning doing it right. eBusiness Indya team of Direct Mail Marketing experts can help you manage your marketing campaign in the most effective manner bring-in the maximum ROI. When you use eBusiness Indya Direct Mail Marketing services as part of your marketing program, you can be assured of higher response rates and constant improvements to your campaign.

eBusiness Indya goes much beyond any other Direct Mail Marketer by actually adding a lot of value to your Direct Mail Marketing campaign. After finalizing the target and ideal mailing list, we would assist you in designing and drafting of the mail content. We would take your advice on customizing our mail design templates and the content so that we can keep it in sync with your business module and the marketing objective,

No campaign is big or small for us and we provide equal care and attention to all our marketing campaigns. We employ a dedicated and focused team to reproduce your strategy in a communicable and appealing manner whether it is a catalogue, or new product or service announcement, or just a mere an advertisement,

eBusiness Indya utilizes our updated database of addresses to reduce wastage and cost for all physical mails. Similarly for all online mailings, we use our internal system to filter duplicate e-mail addresses so that you can reach your target audience fast and sure. eBusiness Indya team maintains a strict ethics in our mailing campaign by mailing only to customers who have opted to receive such marketing communication. We refrain from mailing unsolicited mail to those who have opted out from the mailing list, thus ensuring complete legality in our program.

eBusiness Indya Direct Mail Marketing Services include -
* Catalogs
* Clear bag packages
* Postcards
* Envelope mailers
* Snap Mailers
* Self Mailers
* Dimensional Mailers
* Intelligent Documents

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Our Services include Bulk Email Marketing, Bulk SMS Marketing and Database Marketing services. Please browse the current Databases available with us and check out the complete range of our Services to choose the one that best suits your business requirements. Alternatively, you can give us a call at +91-9391162671 or drop-in a mail, and we will be glad to assist you with finding the best-fit data for your needs that will add value to your business.